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You’ll access useful information and resources to help you grow your business.
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Be part of The Joy Society to learn new skills and grow your business. You’ll meet like-minded entrepreneurs who believe in helping others along the journey. We’re here to help.

Choose from one-to-one coaching, group workshops or downloadable resources. All are designed to move you forward in your business and increase your confidence. Through The Joy Society, you'll gain access to strategies, tools and people who can help shortcut your journey to running a successful business. Often all that's needed is a clear plan and consistent action, which is much easier when you have a strategy in place.

How does it work? 

All of The Joy Society programs help you to map a path from where you are now, to where you want to be. You’ll develop a clear vision first and then decide a smart way to achieve it. With a clear direction and step-by-step strategy in place, you’ll find taking action much easier.

You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more confident about what you need to get done and why. You can choose the level of support to suit your timeline and budget, from one-off workshops and downloadable toolkits to one-to-one business coaching. It’s up to you.


Who is it for? 

Whether you’re wanting to increase awareness of your business or improve profitability, we have a program to help. The Joy Society philosophy of authentic business suits those who know there must be a better way to grow a business, without the sleazy sales tactics or manipulation.

We particularly love helping those who help others. People who make the world a better or brighter place through their business. Our client list includes business owners such as naturopaths, personal trainers, photographers, graphic designers, yoga instructors and wedding planners.

Scholarship program

Throughout the year we provide free training to encourage emerging entrepreneurs. We’re on the look out for those who are making the world a better place by being in business.  Our intention is to give back to our community by contributing at least $10,000 worth of scholarships each year including one-to-one coaching sessions, online courses and guidebooks. 

If you’d like to find out more details about the scholarship program or would like to make a contribution of goods or services to this activity, please contact us.