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Are you running your own business or thinking of starting one? Do you have a million questions rushing through your head? You're in the right place!

We created The Joy Society for kind-hearted entrepreneurs who want to be in business, without the fear and frustration!

We believe in growing GOOD businesses. Ones that have JOY at their centre and make the world a little brighter, day-by-day.

Building a strong business aligned with your personal strengths and values is possible - it's a step-by-step process. We'll guide you through it. No sleazy sales tactics, just a lot of heart and a bit of hustle.

Chris Clements-Shepherd

ready to grow?

Are you wondering how to grow your business? Does it feel like you’re busy, but you’re not getting anywhere? Are you starting to doubt yourself? You’re not alone. It takes practice to grow a GOOD business. One that you’re proud of and one that feels right.

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, to just keep running on the treadmill and doing what you think needs to be done. Confusion can creep in, bringing along with it anxiety and fear. You're left feeling flat and less than focused. And of course, there's so much information on the internet, "52 ways to do this", "10 skills you must know to do that". It can seem relentless. If you're not surrounded by others on the same journey, it can feel pretty lonely.

Finding your way

One of the greatest challenges of being an entrepreneur is taking consistent action and understanding which things will move your business forward – not just the shiny new things!

Once you know what needs to be done, and when, it’s a lot easier to take action and stop spinning in circles. In theory it’s easy right? We all know in practice, however, many things can trip us up: emotions, technology, time, money or family commitments.

Learning how to create a business and life we love can be tricky. It’s much easier with the right advice and some moral support to keep you going.


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Who is behind The Joy Society?

Hey I’m Chris Clements-Shepherd! I’m so glad you’re here taking a look around and getting to know us. We’re passionate about helping you find a more joy-filled way to be in your business.

I grew up surrounded by business conversations, as my family ran one of the most respected events and entertainment agencies in Perth, Western Australia. I’d help out on school holidays and for a year or two after university worked in the business full-time.

Growing up in this way, I learned the value of hard work, standing by your word and building your reputation through relationships. My Dad often worked long hours and I saw both the thrills and the challenges of running a business.

Where did it all start?

Looking back to my childhood, I was always destined to be in a creative industry. I’d spend hours planning the themes for my birthday parties and designing my own hand-crafted invitations and props. One year, this included a pierrot clown theme, complete with ruffles and pop-poms for everyone who attended. Trust me, it was a thing in the late 80s!

Ultimately, I think what I love most about business is the combination of ideas + execution. You can have an idea, map it out, do some research and launch it! It can be tough at times, however, when you get it right and truly make a difference to the lives of others through applying your skills and creativity – it’s brilliant!

What experience do you have?

For the past 20 years, I’ve helped businesses tell their stories and improve their profitability through carefully planned marketing activities. My formal training is a Bachelor of Commerce, which included marketing, accounting, business design and economics.

I’m passionate about helping clients find smarter ways to grow their businesses, by connecting more effectively with potential customers and clients. My intention is to help as many people as I can, by sharing what I’ve learned – to help them avoid the pitfalls and understand the shortcuts.

What industries have you worked with?

During my 20-year career, including six years in a busy marketing agency, I’ve had the pleasure of working across a range of industries including health, finance, travel, property, not-for-profit and education. This gave me a great grounding across a range of products and services.

Since mentoring entrepreneurs, I’ve purposefully focused on those who help others in some way. In the past three years, I’ve worked with photographers, graphic designers, event coordinators, yoga teachers, personal trainers, wedding planners, stylists, marriage celebrants, naturopaths and interior designers. I love learning about new industries and I’m quick to pick up the nuances of each.

What size businesses do you usually work with?

Whilst I’ve worked with businesses of varying sizes during my career, including not-for-profits and large multi-nationals, I prefer helping smaller businesses. The challenge of achieving great results with limited resources is rewarding, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others who will directly benefit from it.

For the past three years, my focus has been on solo entrepreneurs and small teams, where the owner and one or two team members are responsible for planning the growth of the business.

Deciding what works for you

Everyone works differently when it comes to building a business and making decisions. Do you prefer to read and then reflect? Or talk it out loud? Would you rather learn new skills one-to-one or do you get motivated being part of a group?

Choose from one-to-one business coaching to develop a personalised plan for your business, workshops to brainstorm new ideas and make decisions, resources (such as guidebooks and toolkits) to learn in your own time, or absorb the free advice on the blog.

To have a chat about your next step, get in touch with us.



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