Brainstorm Breakthrough For Business

feeling STUCK?

Not sure which way to move forward to grow your business? The Brainstorm Breakthrough is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking clarity. Together we’ll review your options, choose your ideal business development strategies and map out a plan.

These sessions tend to bring a sense of relief. Rather than spinning in circles, the path forward is more clearly defined. The coaching sessions will help you decide which business development strategies are right for your business and your present situation.

Once you can see a clear pathway and understand what to do next, you’ll take each step with more confidence. Clients tell us they feel more positive about their businesses and worry less about whether they’re doing the “right” things – they take more action and get better results.

What’s included?

Together, during the Brainstorm Breakthrough we will:

  • Review your current situation, strengths and challenges.
  • Decide your 90-day vision and goals.
  • Identify an ideal set of activities for you to pursue to achieve your goals.
  • Resolve any emotional or skill-based blocks that may be holding you back.
  • Help you move forward with a greater sense of clarity and confidence.

The package is tailored to your specific requirements, so whether you’re planning an event, seeking media coverage or wanting to sign ten new clients, the same approach applies. We begin by identifying the goal in specific detail and then decide the way to achieve it, using your own personal strengths and skill set.

How does it work? 

You’ll start by completing a questionnaire called What Creates Your Joy? This helps identify the skills and resources you have available to support your business strategy, plus your goals for the future. It will draw out whether you love public speaking, hate social media, struggle with copywriting or adore photography.

Once this background information has been reviewed, you’ll complete an initial two-hour business strategy session, either in person at our studio in Inglewood, Western Australia or via online video conferencing. The strategy session will be customised to suit your individual goals, however, usually includes:

  • Confirmation of the desired outcome.
  • Brainstorming to come up with ways to reach the target.
  • Selection of the idea you feel most inspired by and able to achieve.
  • Development of a detailed project plan to implement the strategy.
  • Free tools to help with the implementation of the strategy.

Beyond the strategy session, you’ll book a 2-hour follow-up session to refine the ideas, report in on progress and discuss any challenges. This is a great time to ask any questions and check if you’re on the right track.

A month after your second session, we’ll have a bonus phone call. This is a complimentary, 30-minute check in for you to celebrate your wins and wrap up any last questions you may have.


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Why does it work?

Often when we work by ourselves we can get distracted or not take enough action to achieve our goals. Doubt can creep in, “Am I doing this right?” which can sap us of our energy to do the things we know we are capable of doing.

Working side-by-side with an experienced coach, will help you to move forward more consistently. Getting feedback that you’re on the right track can also help you feel more confident, which leads to you taking more action.

Clients also report that they find it helpful to have someone to speak to about their business. Someone who cares about the seemingly small “wins” and someone who will listen when you’re stuck. Often our families and friends, whilst sympathetic, may not truly “get it”. So having a coach who listens without judgement can be a beneficial emotional support.


How much time is required?

The Brainstorm Breakthrough program is ideal for a short-term boost to your business development strategies. It will help you decide a clear path and take action. Ideally you’ll complete the program within two weeks to get the most out of it, however, this is flexible to suit your timeline and schedule.

You can begin the program on whichever date suits you – we’ll send you to a magic online calendar to choose your preferred time. Generally we ask for 48 hours notice before your first session, so that we can take a look at your current business development strategies including your website, social media presence and background.

We’ll also ask you to complete a Welcome Kit prior to your first session, which tells us a bit more about your business, including which areas you feel comfortable in and where you’d like to grow. This usually takes an hour to complete.

How much is it?  

The Brainstorm Breakthrough program is currently AUD$496 +GST (approximately US$388 at the time of posting). Normally, when booked session-by-session this amount of coaching would be AUD$620 +GST (US$485).

You’ll receive the full coaching program, plus access to useful tools and business development strategies as outlined above.

To find out more, simply enter your details in the form below. We’ll book you in for a complimentary 30-minute session to check that coaching is a good fit for your current situation and can answer any questions you may have. We’re committed to your success and we’re here to help.

Brainstorm Breakthrough

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