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Are you ready to grow your business? Learn how to create beautiful DIY graphics for your business, quickly and easily with Canva. Starting 6 September in Perth. 


How it works

Grow Your Business With Canva is a three-part, in person workshop series designed to help you understand Canva, a free online design tool.

When you take part in these workshops, you’ll learn how to create both digital and print graphics. You’ll save money and time as you’ll know how to create your own beautiful DIY graphics for your business.

Choose which workshop combination is right for you, by reading the outlines below.

The workshops are:

  1. What is Canva? Wednesday 6 September 6pm: A one-hour introduction to the power of Canva. You’ll learn how to create an account, upload your own images and logo, and how to create social media graphic templates for your business. 20 places available.
  2. Skill Shop – Tuesday 12 September 10am: A two-hour step-by-step walk through of Canva, including a demonstration of how to prepare files to send to print. We’ll share all of the tips and tricks we use to create graphics for ourselves and our clients. 10 places available.
  3. Get it Done Session – Tuesday 19 September 10am: A four-hour workshop where you’ll bring your laptop and create your beautiful designs. We’ll be there to guide you, answer questions and troubleshoot anything you’re not sure on. Ideally, you have a good grasp of Canva already or have done at least the Skill Shop above. 10 places available.

See pricing and grab your tickets below. Check out the packages to receive a special offer.

Which workshop is right for you?

The series is designed in three parts, so you can design your own learning journey, whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve had a little experience with Canva.

You can book one workshop at a time or save by booking a package of two or three together. See all of the options in the boxes below.

If you’re not sure which event suits your personal situation, email us at

Where are the workshops held?

All three workshops will be held at Guerrilla Establishment in the Perth CBD. There’s plenty of affordable parking and easy access to public transport nearby.


to stop saying “I wish” and to start saying “I will”. Charles Dickens

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to create gorgeous digital and print items, without always needing to recruit a graphic designer.

If you’ve never used Canva before, then consider coming along to all three sessions.

If you’ve used it a little bit but get stuck and give up – then book in for the Skill Shop and the Get It Done Session. By the end you’ll be super comfortable and will have your print and digital templates all ready to go.

If you’re already relatively comfortable with Canva, yet never seem to get around to getting your content created, come to the Get It Done Session. It’s a productive four-hour session where you can focus and get your templates sorted.

What results can I expect? 

You’ll understand the power of Canva and how you can use this free online design tool to create your own beautiful designs.

If you come to the Get It Done Session, in four-hours you could expect to get all of your social media graphics done for at least three months, or your print items ready for the year ahead.

This is a skill which will support your business growth for many years to come. You’ll have the ability to create professional graphics quickly and easily.

Packages available



Never used Canva before? Book all three workshops.

Gain confidence and hands-on experience to create your own digital and print graphic design.

6th, 12th and 19th September

Save $24

Only 10 available




Want an introduction to digital and print design with Canva?

Come to What Is Canva? and the Skill Shop to learn the power of Canva and how to use it.

6th and 12th September

Save $16

Only 10 available




Ready to create your own beautiful designs?

Learn how at the Skill Shop, then create your own at the Get It Done Session.

12th and 19th September

Save $21

Only 10 available


Book individual workshops



Wednesday 6th September
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

A 1-hour introduction to Canva for inspiration + to understand what you can create with this free online design tool. Ideal if you’ve not yet spent any time inside the Canva online program.

Only 20 tickets available




Tuesday 12th September
10 am to 12 noon

A 2-hour step-by-step walk through of how to use Canva. You’ll learn how to create digital + print items.
Includes a digital guidebook for you to keep.

Only 10 tickets available




Tuesday 19th September
10am to 2pm

A 4-hour guided experience where you’ll create your own graphics using Canva. Ideal if you’ve done the Skill Shop or have a good amount of experience with Canva already.

Only 10 tickets available



If you have any questions about Grow Your Business With Canva or would like to know when we’re running the next workshops, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Sign up for Canva before your workshop:

If you don’t already have a free Canva account, sign up today that you can make the most of the training workshops.

Unable to attend?

If you’re unable to attend any of the sessions you’ve booked in for, you’re welcome to pass along your ticket to a friend. Please just let us know as soon as possible, so that we can update the contact details.

Please email with the new person’s name and which session date/s it relates to. Thanks!

As we’re keeping the groups small and the pricing economical, we’ve decided not to offer refunds. Thanks for your understanding.

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