Decide Your Strategy

decide your strategy

Ready to grow your business, but confused by all the conflicting advice?

This step-by-step program helps you design a Growth Strategy around your strengths.

growing a business can be tricky

There are so many decisions to make, including “how do I grow this thing, without sacrificing my values, health or sanity?”

The Growth Strategy program walks you step-by-step through a series of six essential decisions, which when woven together form your personalised action plan.

You’ll be guided each step of the way by Chris Clements-Shepherd, an experienced business development strategist and marketing mentor. Draw on her 22 years of professional experience, including five years as a business owner and coach.

what’s included in the program?

You’ll learn how to design a personalised plan to grow your business.

Plus receive one-to-one guidance as you complete each step.

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how does it work?

Be guided through the six essential decisions to create a stronger business.

Step 1: What does success look like?

Decide the vision for your business.

Understand your unique combination of strengths. Decide what drives you and what your version of success looks like. Fire up your motivation to move through resistance and fear.
Step 2: How do you help others?

Decide the exact results you offer.

Your clients are seeking a solution to a problem. Understand the emotional journey they take before they make a purchase and how to communicate the transformation you offer.
Step 3: Who are your ideal clients?

Decide which clients to focus on.

It’s important to understand who they are, what they value and where they spend their time. Decide who you do your best work with and who is a great fit for you and your business.
Step 4: What’s your revenue strategy?

Decide your pricing and financial goals.

Your pricing is a signal to your clients and yourself. Decide whether your current pricing strategy is working and how to communicate your pricing to maximise your results.
Step 5: How will you build connection?

Decide what you’ll communicate and when.

There are hundreds of ways to reach your ideal clients, however, trying to do everything doesn’t work. Decide a smart strategy and action plan to stay focused and gain momentum.
Step 6: What tools will you require?

Decide the simplest system to drive growth.

What communication tools do you really need to grow your business? Often it’s less than you think, when you focus on what’s essential. Decide and create a simple set of useful tools.
Your Growth Strategy Action Plan

Once you’ve completed the six steps, your answers will be crafted into a detailed Growth Strategy Action Plan.

This sets out what to focus on and how you’ll acheive your revenue goals. It’s also great to share with suppliers, family and friends so they understand the journey you’re on.
Ready to get started?

Book a call with Chris to decide your next steps.

who’s this program for?

If you know you have a great business, but you’re not taking consistent action to grow it, this program is likely to be a great fit for you.

Something kinda magical happens when you figure out a strategy and commit to it. You’ll feel more energised and will take more consistent action, allowing you to reach your business and life goals.

The program particularly suits those who are responsible for deciding how to grow their business, yet may not have a marketing or business development background.

Meet your mentor

Chris Clements-Shepherd


Chris is an experienced mentor to business owners, with 22 years experience in marketing, communications and business development.

She is passionate about helping others grow their businesses with less fear and frustration.
what support is included?
one to one
One-to-one guidance from Chris your mentor. Choose from face-to-face, Zoom or phone sessions.
Email support for quick questions between sessions is included to keep you moving forward.
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The first step is to tell us a little about your business.

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feedback from our community

“Chris is so warm, approachable and patient and really helped me to focus… without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sue McLaren, Animal Fun

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