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Do you find email frustrating? Are you avoiding it? From deciding what to write, to using the software … urgh. We get it! Come and learn how to make it easier.


About the workshops

Email Made Easy will help you write and design better emails to send to your email list. It’s a two-part workshop series, covering both the tech and creative sides of email for business. You’ll learn how to design beautiful and engaging emails you want to send …. and your clients want to read. 

We’ll also show you how to schedule automated email sequences, a handy feature which saves you time and energy in your business. By using this feature, you’ll ensure your new subscribers are welcomed into your world, as soon as they sign up to your email list. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship from the very beginning.

Which email software?

We’ll walk you through step-by-step inside of MailChimp, an email software tool (free for up to 2,000 subscribers, then a small fee per email). It’s a world-leader in email software and is fantastic to use, once you know the ropes. It’s also the only widely used email software that includes the automation feature for free. 

By improving your email game, you’ll increase your connection with those on your email list. When you do this consistently, you’ll increase enquiries, referrals and revenue.

You’ll also save time and money in your business, as you won’t need to outsource this aspect of your communication strategy.

What’s included in each workshop?

The workshop series is designed in two-parts, the Skill Shop and the Get It Done Session. You can attend just the Skill Shop or both. See further down the page for a special package to save when you attend both.

Skill Shop – Wednesday 22 August 10am to 1pm: 

A three-hour introduction to the power of MailChimp, and how to create good email content. First, we’ll teach you the “tech” side of MailChimp, including a live step-by-step walkthrough of how to create an email and how to use the automation feature. Then, we’ll take you through the “content creation” process, where you’ll learn how to write relevant and engaging emails.

You’ll also receive a copy of our workshop notes and slides, as an extra digital resource!

All up, you’ll learn…

The “tech”…

  • How to create, save, and duplicate an email template.
  • How to add words and images (in the right way, to play nice with MailChimp).
  • Useful email design features and tips.
  • What email automation is, and how it can grow your business.
  • How to use audience segmentation.
  • How to build and/or import an email list to suit segmentation.
  • Scheduling ‘triggers’ for your automation.
  • How to preview and test your emails.
  • How to link your MailChimp account to your website, using form integrations and hidden fields (demonstration + tips).
  • How to track the success of your emails, using reporting + statistics.

The “content creation” (words + images)…

  • Our best tips and tricks we use to create email content, for ourselves and our clients.
  • How to structure your emails to suit your audience.
  • How to write a great subject line (plus free tools you can use to get feedback).
  • How to improve your writing to connect with your audience (and our favourite copywriting blogs to follow).
  • Where to find quality free images for your email updates.
  • How to include video in your emails.
  • Case study examples and their success.
  • Useful digital resources.

*12 places available.

Get It Done Session – Wednesday 29 August 10am to 2pm: 

A four-hour workshop where you’ll bring your laptop and build out your own emails, including a five-part email automation. Ideally, you’ll bring draft text and images with you to this session, which you’ll learn about during the Skill Shop.

The Get It Done Session includes…

  • Four hours of dedicated time to design and implement your email strategy.
  • One-to-one guidance from our team, to answer questions and troubleshoot anything you’re not sure on.
  • Encouragement to complete your first five emails and connect these into an automation sequence.
  • Our Get-It-Done planning templates.
  • Light snacks and refreshments.

*12 places available.

See pricing and grab your tickets below…

Which workshop to attend?

Ideally, attend both workshops to gain the most benefit – if your budget and schedule allows.

If you’re not sure which workshop suits your personal situation, feel free to email us at

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops will be held at Wellness on Whatley in Maylands Perth (view map of location). There’s plenty of affordable parking and easy access to public transport nearby (the Maylands Railway Station is across the road).




7 Hours


Book both workshops for the most benefit.

You’ll learn the technical and creative sides of email for business (3-hour presentation and walkthrough), plus get plenty of hands-on experience and one-to-one support (4-hour interactive workshop), including a five-part automation sequence.

Learn the skills and put them into practice straight away.

Wednesday 22 + 29 August 2018

Maximum 12 attendees




3 Hours


Ready to create beautiful emails that get opened?

At the Skill Shop you’ll learn both the technical and creative skills to help you send engaging emails. You’ll see a detailed step-by-step walk through, showing you how how to create email campaigns, templates and automated sequences.

Improve your email, grow your business.

Wednesday 22 August 2018

Maximum 12 attendees




7 Hours


Book both workshops for the most benefit.

You’ll learn the technical and creative sides of email for business (3-hour presentation and walkthrough), plus get plenty of hands-on experience and one-to-one support (4-hour interactive workshop), including a five-part automation sequence.

Learn the skills and put them into practice straight away.

Wednesday 22 + 29 August 2018

Maximum 12 attendees


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to create engaging emails for their business without always needing to recruit a copywriter or a marketing agency.

The workshops are designed to help both beginners and intermediate users of MailChimp. The Skill Shop will give you a solid grounding in the technology and the creative side of email communication.

The Get It Done Session is perfect if you find you start sending emails to your clients then stop. Perhaps you get stuck on a technical challenge (not quite knowing which buttons to push or being afraid of sending the wrong email to the wrong people) …. or if you get stumped on what to write about.

We’ve been where you are now, and we get it! Sending business emails can bring up all kinds of emotional and practical challenges. We’re here to help and to guide you to make email easier.

What results can I expect? 

You’ll understand the power of MailChimp and how you can use this free online tool to create your own email templates and automated sequences. By setting up this valuable communication tool in your business, and using it regularly, you’ll build a stronger connection with your clients.

At the Skill Shop you can expect to see a detailed step-by-step walk through of MailChimp (including the automation feature). From this you’ll feel confident to run your own MailChimp account, following the slides and notes from the workshop, which you get to keep.

If you come to the Get It Done Session, in four-hours you could expect to get all of your emails done for a five-part automation, this will include creating a master email template for your business. We can also answer any specific technical or creative challenges you’re having with your own MailChimp account.

Email communication is a skill which will support your business growth for many years to come. It’s still one of the most effective ways of building a personal and relevant relationship with your clients.

Feedback on our previous workshops

Here’s what a few of the attendees said about our last MailChimp workshop series:

“I can’t believe I had access to a FREE tool like MailChimp but wasn’t fully utilising it! Thank you for opening my eyes up to the power of MailChimp!” – Gillian.

“Great information – very clear and concise and a fun, friendly environment.” – Julie. 

“I really enjoyed the work structure (of the Get-It-Done session) as I get easily distracted. It’s awesome having people who are basically experts to guide you.” – Jess. 


to stop saying “I wish” and to start saying “I will”. Charles Dickens


If you have any questions about Email Made Easy or would like to know when we’re running the next workshops, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Unable to attend?

If you’re unable to attend any of the sessions you’ve booked in for, you’re welcome to pass along your ticket to a friend. Please just let us know as soon as possible, so that we can update the contact details.

Please email with the new person’s name and which session date/s it relates to. Thanks!

As we’re keeping the groups small and the pricing economical, we’ve decided not to offer refunds. Thanks for your understanding.

Chris is a performance coach and mentor to emerging businesses. She is passionate about helping people grow their businesses using smart strategies, which play to their strengths.

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