Google Drive tech tips

Google Drive tech tips
Are you using Google Drive? We love it, to store files in the cloud and collaborate with others online. Here are three reasons why.

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It’s free to use

The first thing I love about Google Drive is that it starts from free. You get 15 gigabytes of storage in the cloud and it allows you to upload your documents and also edit your documents live in the cloud.

You’ll find 15 gigabytes is a lot of space and if you archive your files to an external hard drive occasionally, you may find it’s all you need. If you store a lot of artwork files, images or videos you may want to upgrade to a paid plan for more space, it’s still really reasonable and compares well to other online storage options.

One master document

The second biggest reason why I love Google Drive is because it helps you to have one master document. This is a big time saver for us.

We’re often working remotely with our team or clients, and we need to share a document. Rather than attaching PDFs or word documents to an email or uploading them to Dropbox, we can share a link to the one master file.

This allows everyone with the secure link (no Gmail account required) to log in and access one master version, rather than having multiple variations floating around.

Our team or clients can make comments on the side and it will show up as that person or they can make edits and it will be tracked as being made by that person.

It’s a fantastic collaboration tool, which makes our lives so much easier.

I love knowing that there’s only one master document and I don’t have to worry about confusion in our team or in with our clients. It simplifies our work and keeps it nice and easy with everything in the cloud.

Secure storage

As it’s in the cloud, with 15 gigabytes of storage online for free, it means everything is safe and secure and backed up by Google. If your laptop got stolen, broke somehow or you spilled coffee on it, all your files are safely stored in the cloud.

All of your client work and all of your intellectual property is stored in that one place. This is also great if you’re on the road or overseas, you can easily access the files from anywhere, including your mobile phone.

I still take an external backup every month or so for an added layer of back up. I plug the drive in and download all the documents onto an external hard drive, however, most of the time I know I’ve got everything I need stored in Google Drive for my clients and for the internal projects we’re working on.

Knowing our documents are safe and secure, lets me sleep easy at night.

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Your turn

Do you send documents to others for feedback? Have you tried Google Drive? It really is very fast to set up and get started, but there are a few tricks to it.

Watch some free YouTube videos on it or go through the Google Drive website to get up to speed. If you’d like some help reach out to us.

Want some help?

If you’d like to see how we set up our Google Drive for collaborating with our team and clients, give us a shout.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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