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Ready to send better email in less time?

Follow this step-by-step online course to learn how.

Sending email can be a little confusing

There are many decisions to make, such as what to say, how to sound like yourself (not a robot) and when to send email.

The Mailchimp Momentum online course walks you step-by-step through a series of tutorials and activities, which when woven together create your personalised communication system.

You’ll be guided each step of the way by Chris Clements-Shepherd, email marketing mentor and trainer. Draw on her professional experience, guiding business owners to improve their email systems and start enjoying sending email.

what’s included in this program?

Grow your business by sending better email, including automated sequences.

Includes tips on growing your email list.

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tech tools +
how does it work?

Be guided through the six essential steps to send better email.

Step 1: Design a master template

Create beautiful branded email.

Get started in the right way with a master template, styled to suit your business. Includes how to create a branded image-based signature in Canva, a free online design tool.
Step 2: Create automated sequences

Save time with automations.

It’s a powerful feature of Mailchimp, allowing you to plan automated updates for your audience and save you time. See how this feature works for a multi-step automated sequence.
Step 3: Understand your reports

Learn what results are important.

See where to access the detailed reporting inside Mailchimp and what to pay attention to. Learn what truly matters, so you can improve your results and grow your business.
Step 4: Set up website forms

Connect your digital tools.

Understand what form integrations are and how to connect your website form to your Mailchimp audience, with a step-by-step demonstration. Includes our favourite form builders.
Step 5: Write for email

Send better messages.

Learn how to write stronger subject lines and send better email, which is enjoyable to read and increases results. Discover simple yet incredibly powerful writing rules.
Step 6: Bonus tips + tricks

Get our favourite free resources.

Find out the free writing course we recommend, plus a grammar checker and subject line analyser. See how we use these tools to improve both our email writing and open rates.
Updated regularly

Whenever Mailchimp makes a major change, we update the program.

Plus, we add new tools and resources as we create them.
Meet your mentors

Chris Clements-Shepherd


She loves helping business owners embrace the power of Mailchimp.

Chris is an experienced mentor to business owners, with 22 years in marketing, communications and business development.

Georgia Walker


Georgia speaks fluent Mailchimp.

She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge of writing, design and tech to make growing a business easier.
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“Chris is so warm, approachable and patient and really helped me to focus… without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sue McLaren, Animal Fun

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