Releasing fear around email

Releasing fear around email
If you find yourself feeling “frozen” when you go to line up a broadcast email, here are three tips on how to get unstuck.

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Write like you speak

Often times when we go to write something, we’re thrown back to when we were a kid or a student.

You might be afraid of being judged on your writing. You can get really tripped up by this emotional attachment to writing, perfectly. What you want to trust is, you know how to speak.

Think about when you’re speaking to your clients, customers or your friends about what you do for a living and how naturally that flows. Especially if you’re sitting around a dinner party, for example, you can probably just talk freely about what you believe in and you don’t have to feel so scripted or polished.

This is what to aim for when you write. Let it flow, like you speak.

Act with generosity

My second tip for improving the speed at which you’ll press send is to act with generosity. You can get caught in the fear of being judged by others, or you can focus on serving others. The ones who are seeking your knowledge and who will value it.

Imagine someone reading your email and thinking “Oh perfect, I was just thinking about this question.”

When you lead with a generosity of spirit, you can focus on that emotion and lessen the focus on the fear of judgment or whether it’s perfect.

Trust that you are enough and what you have to say is likely to be the perfect antidote to someone’s current problem. But you’ll never reach them if you don’t press send. Believe the right person will read it at the right time.

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Understand resistance

If you haven’t come across “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, check it out. Steven is a master at explaining where we can get stuck and why.

His book teaches the concept of “resistance”. That invisible force which rises up when we go to paint, write, dance, draw …. or press send on an email going to more than five people!

When dancing with resistance, one of the first things to do is just to notice when it shows up. If you’re going to sit down to write an email, sure enough, resistance will come, especially if you’re not used to doing it.

As you do start to take action over and over, you get used to facing resistance and your ability to move forward gets easier and easier.

Understanding resistance as a phenomenon that exists and can trip us up, can be helpful in learning how to show up in spite of its presence. The goal is to avoid getting so caught up in resistance and making everything “perfect”.

Remember, the more often you send email, the easier it will get.

Your turn

Do you find writing and sending email easy or does resistance show up? Start to notice how it reveals itself for you. What do you do to avoid doing the work?

Another cup of tea? Just check social media for a few minutes (hours?) or clear your inbox? Notice how resistance tries to hold you back from doing what you set out to do.

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