Start with sales

Start with sales
How does focusing on sales create a more joyful business? Here are three suggestions why this works to grow a better business.

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“If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business.”
Alex Jeffreys
Sales are oxygen

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious every morning you wake up. Or some days you look back and don’t think you got anything done, it’s often a sign that you don’t have a clear sales strategy in place.

One of my most influential mentors, Alex Jeffreys, taught me, it’s important to focus on sales first each day. Everything else is second.

Relieves tension

Starting your day with sales means you know you have done something that’s going to grow your business and it becomes a nice rhythm and a routine.

It starts to relieve the tension.

Once you start the day with something related to strategy and sales, you know you’re moving your business forward. You feel better.

If you want to spend a little bit of time on social media or call a friend to have a chat over your lunch break or whatever you choose to fill up your day with joy, you’ll feel better about it, having taken care of sales first.

You don’t feel like you’re avoiding sales. You’re avoiding falling into resistance or worrying about things. You’ve already started your day on the right foot and you’ve moved things forward one step. So that’s a big reason to start the day with sales. It helps you feel more relaxed for the rest of the day ahead.

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Increases confidence

When you focus on sales from the beginning of each day, you feel more confident, more in control of your destiny! (That’s a big call, but I mean it). I sense it in myself and see it in others who apply this “sales first” technique to their day.

When you’re starting the day with a really clear and specific plan, you’re more likely to get things done. You gather up your momentum and apply it in one direction, not scattered across a bunch of things, which can feel urgent, but aren’t really important to the long term success of your business.

The recommendation is to focus on no more than three major things to get done in a day. Making the first one your sales strategy. When you take this approach, you’ll feel your confidence and momentum start to build.

You’ll feel more relaxed and calm, knowing you have a plan and are committed to implementing it. One small (sales) step at a time!

Your turn

Have a think about how this relates to your business. Are you focusing on sales or all the stuff around the edges of it?

Have a think about whether this “start the day with sales” strategy could work for you and if you’re up for giving it a go. Your sales steps can be small at first, becoming larger as you gain more confidence.

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