Why colour choice counts

Why colour choice counts
Ever noticed how big brands stick to a consistent colour palette? It’s an important part of building a strong business.

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Consistency develops trust

When we use the same consistent colours across our communications materials, we start to develop trust in our brand and we represent ourselves as a professional and organised business.

People want to do business with those they trust.

When you use consistent colours across your website, social media and email header, for example, as people start to see this same colour representing your brand, it starts to build trust and also recognition.

“There’s a good reason well-known brands consistently use the same colours. It builds trust and recognition, plus presents a carefully crafted image.”
Colour communicates feeling

The second reason using a consistent colour palette is so important in business is because your colour choices communicate feeling. Over time as humans have evolved, we’ve associated certain feelings with certain colours.

Blues and pastels tend to be calming or reassuring. Reds, yellows and oranges tend to mean excitement and action. Graphic designers draw on “colour theory” to connect colours with meaning and emotions.

Think about the brands that you love, what colours do they use? What emotions are they seeking to stimulate? Excitement, joy, calm, motivation? Notice how they use their chosen colour palette consistently throughout their communications materials to achieve these feelings. This is something that you want to emulate in your business.

As much as it’s tempting to change things up, you don’t want to use lots of different colours or you’ll confuse your audience. You want to choose a set of colours and stick to them.

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It makes design faster

The third reason being consistent in your colour choices is really helpful in your business is because it makes your life easier. If you’re just starting out designing graphics for your business, perhaps in Canva, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

If you stick to the same set of colours that you always use, it will create more joy and ease when creating new designs.

You won’t have to make so many decisions.

It’s important to stick with it. You might get a bit bored of these colours as you’re seeing them every day. You might be tempted to change them, but I’d highly recommend you don’t and think about it from your customer’s perspective.

They’re not seeing your communication materials every day and when used consistently, they’ll start to recognise your colour palette and associate it with your business and your brand.

Your turn

Do you have a defined colours palette for your brand? Are you sticking to it or are you confusing others by using different colours too often?

Have a think about whether you could be more consistent in your use of colour across your communication materials for your business.

Want some help?

If you’d like some help with choosing your colours and improving your graphic design, here at The Joy Society, there are a few ways we can help you.

The best way to find out which option is a fit for you, is to simply send us an email or a message on social media.

Tell us a bit about your business and we’ll guide you in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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