Why define your clients

Why define your clients
Business growth accelerates when we know exactly who we do our best work with. Are you clearly communicating who you want to work with?

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It increases confidence

When you clearly explain who you do your best work with, they’re more likely to choose you.

When they find out about your business, if it’s incredibly clear what you do and who you serve, they’ll feel more confident in making the decision to work with you.

For example, think about an accountant who specialises in helping e-commerce businesses. If she has on her website, social media and printed materials she can help e-commerce businesses, they’re more likely to choose her.

She can explain how she works with e-commerce clients, what her approach is and could also include testimonials from other e-commerce clients.

“A new client is more likely to take the next step as they see a direct connection between the support available and the results they’re seeking.”

This connection leads to an increase in confidence.

Getting really clear on your ideal client and communicating it clearly leads to a faster decision making process for your new clients who are finding you.

Others will refer to you

The second reason it’s beneficial to clearly define and communicate your ideal client is it often results in others referring clients to you more easily.

Using the accountant example, if she clearly communicates her specialty in e-commerce, it’s more likely others will start to make the connection and refer e-commerce clients to her.

Thanks to your clear communication, people around you will understand what you do and feel more confident referring to you.

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It increases your joy

The third reason why defining your ideal client is such an important part of growing a great business is because it makes your life more joyful.

You’ll be attracting the right clients to you, who you can do great work with. They’ll have similar values to you and treat you well.

You’ll also continue to build your strength in your specialty area, allowing you to get results for others more consistently, which builds your reputation further.

Your clients will get the results they’re expecting, as you’ve clearly communicated what you offer and they’ve identified it’s a fit for them. This synchronicity between what the client is seeking and what you offer, leads to a positive working relationship and therefore positive reviews and recommendations to others.

From every angle, getting clear on your ideal client and doing your best work helps you to build a better business.

Your turn

Do you have a clearly defined ideal client? Are you communicating this through your business communications? How could you improve this to make it clear who you do your best work with?

Want some help?

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