Why email builds trust

Why email builds trust
Email can build trust with your potential clients more quickly than social media or your website. Why? It’s a more intimate conversation.

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One-to-one message

There are three main reasons why email is more intimate. The first is, when done well, it can feel more like a personal, one-to-one message.

When you think about it, when someone opens up their inbox and receives a message from you, they see your name and perhaps a photo of you in your email signature. This starts to build trust and connection.

“Each email you send begins to develop a personal connection with your audience. They get to know you and understand your perspective.”

You can also personalise the email with a first name and consider what information they are likely to want to receive, based on their current relationship with you.

In this way, email can feel more personal when compared to social media, your website or other communication materials. These platforms tend to feel more public and one-to-many, compared to one-to-one.

Feels more private

The second reason email can feel more intimate and therefore can create a stronger connection with your clients is it’s a bit more private or behind-closed-doors.

It’s likely you might share something in email you might not write on social media. Ideally, you’ve built a following of trusted subscribers and they look forward to hearing from you.

Over time your audience can start to learn slightly more personal information and the way you express it might be a bit more relaxed than on your website, for example.

In this way, if you choose, the tone of your email can be a little more intimate.

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Encourages replies

The third reason email can feel more intimate is because you can encourage people to reply directly to you. Your clients are more likely to tell you something more personal, more private, than they would in a social media comment.

Your turn

Do you personalise your email message with the recipient’s first name? This is possible in Mailchimp and other similar email marketing systems. Are you encouraging people to reply when you’re sending out your email? You may need to encourage them a little.

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