Why focus on solutions

Why focus on solutions
We can fall into the habit of explaining what we do in terms of our skills, rather than the solutions we offer. Remember, clients are seeking solutions.

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Speeds up decisions

Often, when we’re in business, we can fall into the trap of communicating the skills we offer, thinking this is all our clients need to know to make a purchase decision.

By skills we mean:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Naturopath
  • Carpenter
  • Dentist

This is often not enough and your client will have a gap in their mind, wondering if you can provide the solution they’re searching for.

Consider instead, if you carefully outline the solutions you offer, for example:

  • Physiotherapist – reduce your aches and pains, relieve neck and back pain.
  • Naturopath – improve your immunity, get more sleep, lose weight.
  • Carpenter – add a patio, fix your fence, add built in shelving.
  • Dentist – whiten your teeth, get a scale and clean.

It’s important to be thinking about the solutions our clients are looking for and to ensure we’re communicating these solutions, not just our skill set.

When explained in this way, it shortens the decision making process someone goes through. They can see you offer what they’re looking for.

If they come to your website and see you’re an amazing florist, but they’re not sure if you do bridal bouquets or table placements, because you haven’t communicated the exact solutions you offer, they’re likely to find someone else who does.

It can seem simple, however, going the extra step to provide the detail on all of the solutions you offer will help speed up their decision-making process.

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Increases sales

The second reason this is really important is because your clients don’t know what they need, as they don’t have your level of experience. To increase the likelihood of a sale, especially as the price goes up, often they’ll want to understand more about what they’re buying.

You take this information for granted, as you’re doing it every day, however, your client will not know how it works. It’s up to you to explain it, so she understands what she’s paying for.

When you take the time to educate your clients, they’ll be more inclined to make a decision and move forward more quickly.

Using the florist example, to create a bridal bouquet requires certain steps, time and resources – not just the flowers.

When you step out all of the stages involved in creating a beautiful bouquet, she’ll have more confidence in her decision as she’ll understand what’s involved. Plus she’ll realise the unique skills, tools, connections and resources you bring to the table. This leads to less price resistance as she understands what goes into the work.

When you communicate your solutions in this way, with an outcome in mind or a specific end result, it helps your clients feel more comfortable in making the purchase decision and it increases the likelihood that they’ll take action and buy from you.

Simplifies your business

The third reason it’s important to communicate solutions, not just skills, is it simplifies your business and makes things more efficient.

When you put in the time to educate your clients, via your communication materials about the process involved in getting the results they’re after, there is less resistance throughout the process, from the sale through to delivery.

Once you’ve educated your clients on the process and they can see you’ve done this kind of work before, they’re more likely to trust you throughout the process, not question you at every step.

This reduces the time you need to spend on client communication and you can get on with doing great work.

If things are vague up front, often this lack of clarity will stalk you throughout the client relationship. More email back and forward, more phone calls asking minor questions. Sound familiar?

Nip it in the bud upfront and clearly explain what’s involved in creating the result they’re seeking. It will pay off in a smoother delivery in the long run and happier clients, which means a more joyful business for you.

Your turn

Do you communicate just your skills or the solutions you offer? Do you demonstrate your expertise in solving the problems your ideal clients have?

Have a think about whether you’re communicating your solutions, and backing this up with examples of results you’ve achieved, or are you only communicating your skills? How could you improve this?

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