Why focus on strengths

Why focus on strengths
Playing to your strengths can help you build a stronger business. We know this intuitively, but why is it true? Here’s my top three reasons.

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Stand out

First up, the thing to remember is you are completely unique. Your combination of skills, experiences, everything you’ve seen in life from where you grew up, to your family and the training you’ve done, all of these things combine to give you a one-of-a-kind perspective and personality.

It’s kind of like having your own DNA or fingerprints. No one is exactly the same as you.

In business, this means no one else will have the same way of communicating your message or connecting with your ideal clients.

“Humans are social creatures, we pick up on facial cues, tone of voice, dress sense, colours and all manner of other inputs when deciding who to trust.”

When you really tap into this idea, and stop trying to be like everyone else, you can create a business built around your strengths, which no one else can copy.

This creates a strong foundation for the growth of your business, as you build you reputation.

Attract good clients

The second reason why playing to your strengths is smart, is because it helps attract the right clients, as they know what problems you solve.

As an example, we recently mentored a marathon coach, a physio, who specialises in helping people improve their marathon running. He’s establishing a reputation as a “marathon specialist” through his communication materials and conversations with others. Today, people in his city know he’s a great guy to go to if you want to improve your marathon running.

It doesn’t mean every client he sees is a marathon runner, but word has absolutely spread among the marathon runners in his town. The problem he solves is clear and specific, and he is focused on building a strength in this area.

Focusing on a key strength is allowing him to magnetically attract the right people to him who need your support.

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Increase your prices

The third reason playing to your strengths is a smart strategy is because it can allow you to increase your prices.

When you think about it, people come to you for a solution. If you’re really good at getting people the results they’re seeking you can increase your prices and they’ll be happy to pay you.

Using the marathon coach as an example, he’s got better and better every year. This increases his ability to give reliable advice and get his clients the results they’re seeking.

As he gains more confidence, he can increase his prices.

Imagine his potential clients looking at his communication materials. If he has a dedicated page all about marathon running, his blog posts are sometimes about marathon running, and his social media also mentions the marathon running, all of this starts to reinforce his strength in this area and positions him as an expert.

In turn this can allow him to increase his prices over time, as he has more knowledge and better results in this area of marathon running.

It’s more fun

Another great reason to play to your strengths is because it’s more fun and brings you more joy.

If you’re doing something you’re great at, you’re going to naturally put in more time and effort and it’s going to be more enjoyable for you. Others can sense this when you speak about your topic of expertise and share your knowledge.

They’ll see the spark in your eye, and hear the excitement in your voice. They’ll feel how much you love sharing this information and how much you enjoy learning about it.

You’ll be reading the latest books on it, going to conferences and subscribing to all the recent blog posts. Over time, you’ll know more about this area as you’re passionate about it.

This becomes a gift to yourself and your clients.

Your turn

Have a think about how this may relate to your business. Is there a way you could be playing to your strengths more? What’s something you love and could imagine getting better at?

Often, we can take our own strengths for granted. We’re better at spotting them in other people, so perhaps ask a friend or someone who knows you through business for some feedback.

Want some help?

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We can recommend a program, online course or support pack, depending on where you’re at in the business at the moment. Simply send us a message and we’ll help you decide the next step forward.

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