Why use less fonts

Why use less fonts
When it comes to graphic design, each decision counts. Here’s three reasons why using less fonts will help to improve your designs.

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Strength in simplicity

The first is it strengthens your design work. When you have a limited number of fonts, it looks less cluttered, less busy, and it helps you convey your message more clearly. There’s a great quote by Richard Branson which says:

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.”
Richard Branson
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Builds recognition

The second reason why sticking to a predefined set of fonts helps strengthen your brand, is because it then becomes recognisable.

When you’re putting out the same fonts on your social media posts, your postcards or website, wherever you’re communicating about your business, this unique combination of fonts starts to become recognised as part of your brand.

This recognition creates trust in your business.

Less decisions

The third reason why choosing your fonts and sticking to the same ones is a smart idea, is because you’ll have less decisions to make.

Every time you go to create a social media post, or a postcard, or other communication tool for your business, you don’t have to make a million more decisions.

This makes the creation process much easier and faster. You’ll be able to have a set of predefined templates ready, which you can adapt for future projects.

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