Why we trust specialists

Why we trust specialists
Are you a generalist or a specialist? Consider how being a specialist can help you grow a business which is stronger, more profitable and joyful.

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Better at getting results

If someone is presented as a specialist as opposed to a generalist, we expect that they’re going to be better at what they do.

Think about this for your own business, if you decide to specialise in something, it’s going to allow you to get really, really good at it. This increases your confidence and increases your ability to get people the results that they’re paying you for, faster.

“This improves the strength and reputation of your business. Over time you can become one of the go-to people in your area of expertise.”

Once you’re respected and trusted, you can increase your prices and charge more for your knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, your clients are paying you for a result, not the time you spend with them.

Think about a naturopath as an example. If she only said “naturopath” on her website, you might not have that much of an idea about what she can help you with. If she said she had a specialty in hormones and women’s health, then you get a better idea.

If I’ve got a problem with my hormones, then when I discover this naturopath who specialises in women’s health and hormones, I’m likely to feel more confident that she can support me. There’s a direct connection between my problem and the solution she’s offering.

More knowledgeable

The second reason we tend to trust people who have a specialty is because we make the assumption that they’re going to be more up to date with the latest information in their field of expertise.

Again, if we use the naturopath, and women’s hormones as an example, we’re going to assume this naturopath is seeing a lot more women as opposed to men.

This increased exposure to women is likely to give her a deep understanding of women’s health challenges, including hormones. If we read about this on her website and in her communication materials, we’re likely to assume she has a greater understanding of these challenges, than someone who is a generalist.

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Increased trust

The third reason why it can be helpful to put yourself forward as a specialist in a particular area is, it increases the confidence and trust someone will have when they come to your website or read about you online or via social media.

If we see the words “specialist in women’s health” or “specialising in women’s hormones” on a part of the naturopath’s business, we’re going to feel more confident in booking in with her and taking the next step.

Research also shows us that we’re more likely to follow the actions of those who we view as experienced. For example, if we see their degree hung on the wall of the clinic, we’re more likely to stick to the practitioner’s recommendations. You can check out the work of Professor Robert Cialdini to find out more about this.

Your turn

Have a think about how this relates to your business. Are you presenting yourself as a generalist? Maybe you’re a physio, massage therapist or naturopath, beyond this general level of knowledge and experience, what speciality areas are you passionate about?

Which areas are you most confident about?

Think about an optometrist, as an example, what’s a specialty within that area? Maybe you specialize in elderly people with macular degeneration or perhaps you deal with children and you’re really great at getting kids to try on and choose their glasses. These are pretty different specialties.

Have a think about whether you’re communicating the specialties you have within your skillset.

Want some help?

If you’d like some help figuring this out in your business and how to communicate your areas of expertise, there’s a few ways we can help.

We offer programs, online courses, and also one-to-one support. The first step is to reach out and say hello to us, either via email or social media.

We’ll guide you on how we can best support you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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