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Are you feeling a bit uncertain about your business? Learning with others is a great way to increase your motivation and stay focused. You'll make decisions, move forward and get stuff done!

We've designed a series of wonderful workshops to help you learn essential skills to get you started.

The next workshop series in Perth is Grow Your Business With Canva, which begins on 14 February. It's designed as a two-part series to help you understand both the tech and the tech and design aspects of the program to help you create beautifully designed materials.

We'll be running Grow Your Business With Mailchimp again in 2018. Shoot us an email if you're keen to attend and we'll add you to the invitation list. In this workshop series, you learn how to create your own beautiful DIY graphic design, for both print and digital.

Click the "Find Out More" button below to check the dates and times available. Tickets can be booked via the next page.


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Email Made Easy

Email Made Easy

Learn how to grow your business with email. Send better emails using MailChimp, it’s free for your first 2,000 subscribers. Perth workshops.

Grow Your Business With Canva

Grow Your Business With Canva

Learn how to design your own beautiful graphics in Canva.